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 I found Jenna’s blog couple of weeks ago. I got addicted to her blog. Not only does she have amazing recipies, her pictures are detailed and colorful. I saw a recipie for Spinach Feta Turkey Burger and was immediately drawn to how she prepared it. I made it that night. And boy was it satisfying and delicious as it sounds.

Serves: 12 burgers

Ground turkey (2 packages)

1 package Feta cheese (crumbled)

Spinach Leaves (3 handfuls of fresh and washed leaves)

Salt (tsp of salt) Feta has additional salt in the cheese.

Pepper (tsp of pepper)

1 tsp Worcestershire sauce (I personally added this) It gives extra punch.

2 eggs

I just combined all the ingredients in a bowl. I formed palm sized patties and placed them on a baking sheet. Jenna had her burgers made on a grill. I chose to bake them at 375 for about 60 minutes. I turn them half way. It still looked like Jenna’s picture. There was alot of fat that ran off. The burger itself was placed in a toasted bun served with onions, spinach leaves, mustard, and ketchup. My sister even put hot sauce on it.

Pictures coming soon!!

3 Apples

2 Carrots

1/3 Ginger

Fresh Lemon juice

1 Cup of water

Blend all in blender and ENJOY!! It is a healthy drink.


Wheat tortillas (medium sized)
1 red bell pepper
1 yellow bell peper
1 lime
Adobo seasoning
Previously cooked and chopped chicken (or any meat)
1 avocado
Spicy salsa ( I used store brought chip salsa)
Sour cream
Vegetable oil

In a skillet, add 2 tablespoons of oil on medium heat. Add precooked chicken, sliced peppers until tender. Add Adobo seasoning and lime juice. This seasoning already contains salt. Mix thoroughly. Turn off heat and let it rest aside. Heat the tortillas on both sides till warm. On the tortilla, add chicken and pepper mixture. Then add slice of avocado, sour cream, spicy salsa, and enjoy!!

What can possibly be better than a spoon of this addicting hazelnut spread? I can’t think of anything truthfully. One night last week, I had a craving…. I needed it right then and there. Some force was pushing me to put on my boots and coat. I can’t explain. The next thing I know I am picking up


1 box of chocolate cake mix

chocolate chips

vanilla extract

sour cream

2 eggs



almonds (shaved)

from the local grocery store. The cake mix was ripped open and thrown into a mixing bowl along with 2 eggs, cup of sour cream, half cup of water, half cup of milk, and one teaspoon of vanilla extract. I pour half the mixture into a baking pan while throwing the other half into another pan. I baked both cakes for 22 minutes at 375 degrees. The toothpick came out clean and it was time to cool. While impatiently waiting for the cakes to be cool, I open the Nutella. After eating three tablespoons of it, I place about half the bottle into a bowl. I microwave the Nutella along with a handful of chocolate chips for about …ummm I forgot. Just make sure its less than 20 seconds. Within the time frame, I checked on it to make sure it was not burning. I spread the mixture on one cake. Then, I placed the second cake on top. I layered another spread of the Nutella goodness on top of the second and along the sides of the cake. I place sliced almonds on top for decoration.


Finally, I devoured the cake and drank a glass of milk, while watching an episode of Basketball Wives LA. Can it get any better than that?