What can possibly be better than a spoon of this addicting hazelnut spread? I can’t think of anything truthfully. One night last week, I had a craving…. I needed it right then and there. Some force was pushing me to put on my boots and coat. I can’t explain. The next thing I know I am picking up


1 box of chocolate cake mix

chocolate chips

vanilla extract

sour cream

2 eggs



almonds (shaved)

from the local grocery store. The cake mix was ripped open and thrown into a mixing bowl along with 2 eggs, cup of sour cream, half cup of water, half cup of milk, and one teaspoon of vanilla extract. I pour half the mixture into a baking pan while throwing the other half into another pan. I baked both cakes for 22 minutes at 375 degrees. The toothpick came out clean and it was time to cool. While impatiently waiting for the cakes to be cool, I open the Nutella. After eating three tablespoons of it, I place about half the bottle into a bowl. I microwave the Nutella along with a handful of chocolate chips for about …ummm I forgot. Just make sure its less than 20 seconds. Within the time frame, I checked on it to make sure it was not burning. I spread the mixture on one cake. Then, I placed the second cake on top. I layered another spread of the Nutella goodness on top of the second and along the sides of the cake. I place sliced almonds on top for decoration.


Finally, I devoured the cake and drank a glass of milk, while watching an episode of Basketball Wives LA. Can it get any better than that?